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The Windows 10 Tweaking and Debloating project

The goal of this project is to put all of the Windows 10 tweaks and tools in one place, as well as to provide an access platform for all the current and up-to-date debloating tools for Windows 10. This, in theory, will make it easier for all members of the windows community to come together and access, for free and without hassle, any tweaks or tools they may need to make their windows experience truly how they want it.

Currently only tweaks written by me exist however I hope that in future the Windows 10 community will reach out to me and allow me to put their projects on this page.

*No malware/spyware/rats etc.
*Nothing that would disrupt the freedom of the user

DISCLOSURE (please read)
I hold no accountability for anything that may happen to your system on use of these tools, they are unofficial tweaks and, therefore are making changes Microsoft have not ordinarily allowed the user to make in the GUI itself. Therefore take into account the risk factor involved in this before using any of these tools. I would HIGHLY suggest creating a system backup point before using any of these tweaks and backing up any personal data.


~migration to GitHub completed:

~ Decreased the size of released code ( removed blank white space in the source files

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